• Chris Drange, Christoph David Drange, Shape Shifter, Phantom
    PHANTOM | 2013 | ink jet print | edition 5 + 2 AP | 91 x 60,7 cm and 180 x 120 cm | © Chris Drange


A series of concrete and abstract photographs about crashed cars.


The results are still life and close-up images of collisions that show traces of usage and the outcome of an event. Thereby the photographic medium is crucial, because it is tracking time by representing a crop of reality. Cars – like many other technical objects – are both objects of utility and objects of desire. A combination of advertisement, fetish and consumerism. But unlike many other man-made objects cars are expression of speed, aggression, intoxication, drama and death.


The car crash is the sum of these aspects. SHAPE SHIFTER encounters it with a direct, analytical approach and from a close, abstract perspective.